Boujie Black – Goons

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My niggas — My Hood– My Goons– They Good–We Smoke–Back Wood—Get Loot–They Should

Hook 4x
I Got My Goons With Me Nigga Watch Out

Let’s Get It
24 – 7 Grind Nigga
My Name is Boujie Black and I’m a trap Nigga
My Goons are strapped and cocked and ready –Pop on you Nigga
They watch with Binoc and locked an cocked with Glocks all ready for you Nigga
Pop Pop Pop Pop—-You–Shot
Fall to the ground —Slow Mo on the dot
Laying on the streets—bleeding out —you rot
People seeing snitch —walk away —forgot
Pray to lord –revive —blood shot
family going to pay –to get body in a block
Fuck with me—get family wiped out —by Goons with 38 specials –watch out—Brrraaaaaa

Hook 4x
I Got My Goons With Me Nigga Watch Out

Pop Pop Pop Pop—-Shots Shots Shots –Fired.
My goons they Shoot ——insanity
20 Glocks—- basement——reality
Felons—-did ——-Jail time—— Academy
Bando —–stashed ——white galaxy
10-5 wire——-u —- shitting—-me
50 Kilos——-YaYo—– rapcity
My goons —they -Strapped —-u Niggas
Pull Up—–Be Faking —–Get Triggered
problem—-See a Doctor—-gold-digger
fuck with us—–See —–Disfigure
50 rounds ——heart—–deflated
Dead body —ground—- Be faded
300 killed—–see —–Data
Fuck u—–We see you later—– Nigga