Boujie Black – Key To The Streets

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Hey Byron, what it dough, we got to start making things right out here in in these streets Yo
We can’t be lagging out here homie —Lets get this guap and make things jump crazy out this joint—Aight  Yeah-1

Hook 8x
Got the key to the streets

Verse 1
Yo Man these jealous ops checking out my foreign car
They see me riding down the streets —car is —-black and dark
Its bullet proof whip –protect me from my ops
I got my 9 on my side if things pop –way‐–off
I Don’t play silly no games —On these social page
Saying bull from your on the phone—-like your a Fruity cake
Then it shows–up on your IG—————you be— looking Fake
If you want to talk crap—-I’ll-smack you in the —Face

Hook 8x
Got the key to the streets

Verse 2
Yo I got the streets on lock—moving majors –keys
30 Kay —for a Key –We –in -the —-major leagues
Goons shop it down—mix a pound—–make their rounds
To every major city———-Even——— rural —–towns
Clientele’s —white, black and even brown
Waiting for that smiley face stamped —is my crown
Man they know —-they getting —-good stuff —pure and sound
Got the cops on my payroll—they don’t miss —–around
They my muscle and shooters—–who enforce —the— Law
Cops Beat my ops —-down– the –block —–to my yard
Or they won’t see no daylight —-Cause they thought —they hard
Got my clients —in the club—Snorting —-Snow balls

Hook 8x
Got the key to the streets

Verse 3

Yo Years later i can reminisce –Man— I was  moving Keys–
And to top it off —–selling mass pounds of trees
I was the biggest coke boy with franchisees
But if saw in burbs —-you would  never–ever—believe
I was that boy next door — you take —-me—to your peeps
With the the suit and the tie—-with a—– smile —so —sweet
I even Worked bagging at the A—- with flight dreams
And I also ran for Mayor—-To help my —Peeps
Almost mayor for life yes —–DC

But hold up—
Im hood —and im banked up

I selling drugs to the people Man they getting strung up

I pray to the man above please tell me whats up

Im getting paid 3 mill a day

My mind is still stuck

Hook 8x
Got the key to the streets